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Located on Main Street in Historic Downtown Winter Garden.  


Welcome to the website of the cheesiest little restaurant in Winter Garden!  

We opened officially on October 28th, 2015, and have been grilling up the best grilled cheese sandwiched and tomato bisque you ever want to taste nearly every day since.

 A little history of the restaurant;  in July of 2015 while starting a journey to Europe from Chicago, the owner,  long time West Orange resident Matthew Erickson decided to start his journey in Chicago. On a side trip to Milwaukee he ate the best sandwich he had ever tasted (well, prior to eating at M.O.M.S that is).  Wisconsin cheddar and Muenster cheese, which eventually became our Thanks Ma!  

Now the current location, on Main street had already been established as the location for his new restaurant, however the name and the theme had not been.  Realizing the location, Matthew ran with the street name to create the name and then decided to make the place resemble his living room while growing up in the 1970's at his mommas house.  

All of the MOMS'isms on the wall are straight out the mouths of everyone's momma, and the nostalgic furniture, decorations, and knick knacks are all right out of the 70's right; down to the 8-tracks and the console television!  

 Come on in and relax on one of momma's couches and let her make you the best grilled cheese with tomato soup and a great big ole' heaping helping of mommas love.  Wash that down with a craft draft and chill in the cheesiest restaurant in Winter Garden.

Thank you all so much for making our first year a wildly successful one.  We know we will be seeing you all really soon.  


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(407) 65-MELTS


108 S Main Street            Winter Garden FL, 34787







Delivery to Downtown Winter Garden businesses Monday through Friday from 11 A.M to 3 P.M.  Just give us a call!





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